• In 2016, we put out ads for summer jobs that paid really well, but were totally unsafe. You won’t believe how many people applied for them – and what our camera caught during the interviews.

Candid Camera Job Interviews

Watch hidden camera interviews with Manitoba youth! What will they say to get the job? Do you get worked up about safety at work? Knowing you have a right to be safe is important; knowing you can ask questions until you are comfortable is equally important.

Real Interviews, Fake Jobs - Behind the Scenes!

7 unsafe jobs, 2,500 plus applicants. Get a glimpse behind the scenes as Manitoba youth answer questions about safety at work in hidden camera interviews.

Cuts & Bruises - Hidden Camera Interview

How would you respond during an interview when asked your opinion on workplace safety and incident reporting? Would you take a job that didn't offer safety training? Find out how Karolina responded to these questions.

Catching Up with Karolina - 1 Year Later

In 2016 Karolina was interviewed for an unsafe, fake job. She was willing to take on additional risk for a higher paying job. Find out what she says a year later.