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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Level Up?

Level Up is an initiative from SAFE Work Manitoba designed to teach youth about the importance of workplace safety and health before they head into the workforce. It puts you in a virtual world where workplace hazards are all around and it's your job to fix them. It uses virtual reality equipment to show you some of the hazards in a number of different industries.

Where can I get more information on workplace safety and health?

Whether you’re a parent looking for ideas on how to talk to your kids about safety or an employer looking for training resources, we have information to help you. We have a number of different resources available at

I’m a teacher or administrator how can I get a Level Up presentation at my school?

We’d love to do a presentation at your school! Please contact SAFE Workers of Tomorrow at or (204)992-2988 for more information.

Which grades would benefit from a Level Up presentation?

Level Up is recommended for Grade 8 and up.

How much space is needed for the VR set-up?

The VR set-up needs ideally a 7’ x 7’ area to play in, however we can accommodate smaller sizes. We have a number of VR units and the more space we have, we can set up additional units so more people can experience Level Up!

How long does it take to run through the simulation?

It takes about 2 - 3 minutes to complete Level Up.

Is there any cost?

There is no cost to play Level Up! If you’re unable to experience it in person, you can visit to download a version for your phone or you can play online.

What if I can’t make it to one of the events? Can I still try Level Up?

No problem! There are more ways for you to experience Level Up. There is an app for your phone that you can download as well as a version that you can play online. For more information, visit

*Please note that the apps require a cardboard viewer to play. If you don't have a cardboard viewer and want to experience Level Up, please play the online version.